Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monkey's 1st Birthday Bash

My baby is 10 months! He'll be a year before I can even blink! Oh where oh where did the time go? I'm excited about him turning one! And I'm excited about the all important 1st birthday party!

My family is born and breed to throw awesome parties and I plan to do Phoenix's just right! I know a lot of people think it's silly to go all out for a baby especially when he won't remember but I'll remember and he'll ask questions so I want to do it right.

The first thing on my agenda was a great cake, something Duff Goldman would be proud of. I would have loved to use him, but a $1,000 for a 1st birthday cake for 30 or 40 people is way to much, even by my standards! So I found a place that sounds like they can provide exactly what I'm looking for. We are doing a monkey theme, so we requested the cake to have monkey's on it and some musical elements.

Next step was picking out the perfect invitations. Which I found via a member on a baby board I hang around. I really like them. Cute, simple and modern.

The next steps in putting this all together is still a bit blurry. We are having a few babies and some older kids, plus adults so I want to make sure everyone is well entertained. Throwing around ideas of a magician, face painter, Gymboree teacher (for the babies), Scavenger hunt, baby pools, sandbox, ball pit, and then there is a company that rents giant screens and Wii systems. My brothers seemed intrigued by that one.

The only other thing I am certain on is the party will be on his actual birthday August 1 and will start at 10:40 AM, the time he was born :-)

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