Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost time to go

In about 17 hours I am hoping to be swimming in a pool with the monkey and working on my tan. This week preparing for our trip was pretty relaxed up until today. My mom wanted some Phoenix time before we left so he was on a mini vacation with the grandparents. It was equally nice and sad at the same time. Nice because I slept until 10:30 everyday and got all my work done and just started checking things off my list. But also sad because my Bubba's was gone. I was so happy when they brought him home today :-D so happy that I almost decided to let him stay up late and hang out with us....then the over flowing suitcases and to-d0 list started calling my name!

In planning for this trip my goal was to pack as much as I could into ONE big suitcase for all THREE of us. Yes, you heard me. I was planning on packing all of our clothes, shoes, and toiletries into one suitcase so that another suitcase could be filled with Phoenix's "miscellaneous" stuff. I had even decided to forgo my normal travel mentality of "pack twice as much because you never know if you'll be stranded somewhere" just so Phoenix could have everything he needed...But I quickly realized that was NOT happening. Shawn will be at the studio and in meetings most of the day leaving Phoenix and I to fend for ourselves. I don't know how close we are to any Target stores or markets, and we aren't renting a separate car (other then what the company has for the ahem..."talent") so I needed to make sure Phoenix had enough breakfast, snack, lunch and possibly dinner stuff for the 4 days. I obviously could order room service but that is a bill that would rack up rather quickly! And me...well I don't eat (hey! I've lost almost 20 pounds!) Add on top of food all the diapers, wipes, pacis, juice, cups, bottles, milk and toys and that takes up an entire medium size suitcase! PLUS Shawn needs all of this stuff (I will refrain from saying what I really want to say) so that now puts us at 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, 1 small suitcase, a big diaper bag, car seat and stroller! Also adding to my stress level is I have a tendency to be a little Kate Gosselin, meaning, I think she creates a lot of her own stress, and I do the same thing. I can take the smallest things and spazz out and make them seem like bigger task then they really are. Plus, yes this also leads into another Kate Gosselin attribute. I can be a big whiny bitch for no good reason. Example giving my husband attitude today for a good hour for buying a hat and a shirt (yeah shut it! I know!).

I'm ready to just get on the plane and pray that Phoenix sleeps until they say 'Welcome to Atlanta....'

Sheesh! Wish me luck!

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