Saturday, July 18, 2009

We've landed and I'm melting

In last nights post my goal to minimize our luggage was not meet, and as I found out this morning I should have used MORE suitcases. Since when did airlines start charging $90 dollars to check a bag that is over 50 lbs? Our first suitcase was like 64 pounds! We spent 30 minutes rearranging stuff so that we did not have to pay the $90 dollars. Once we arranged the checked bags, we then find out our carry on suitcase of computer and studio paraphernalia and a song book (that weighed 10 pounds! I told the Husband that book better be used so much this week that when we return home it is tattered and stained from all the "using") was putting us 2 pounds over the limit. So we then have to pull my purse out of the large suitcase and stuff crap in there to distribute the weight. It took us about 30 minutes (thank God I insisted we get to the airport almost 3 hours early! Yes THREE HOURS. I told you...I'm a stresser...) , but I would much rather do that then have to pay an extra $180 to bring my luggage with me! The biggest problem was one suitcase was literally filled with Phoenix's breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner stuff. I didn't want to be stuck in a hotel without having food for him in the event Shawn worked from the moment we landed until we head back home, but who am I kidding, this is exactly what's going to happen. He left the hotel at 3 PM and it's 12:45 AM and he just called saying he has the studio until 5 yeah.... But I am cool with it. Gotta make money to spend it right?

Once the weight distribution debacle was over we sat and had some breakfast and let Phoenix just chat up a storm. He was absolutely EXCELLENT by the way. Being all friendly and flirty with the people at the gate while waiting to board. He was walking around and waving and talking. He's a charmer our boy. Our flight ended up being delayed like 30 minutes because of a bathroom mishap and he was still great. Once we got on the plane he started flirting with the 10 month old in the seat in front of us and then fell asleep as soon as we took off and slept the entire time! He was an absolute doll when we finally meet up with the music execs. He made the momma very proud. We then arrived at our hotel/mini apartment (I'm going to be totally spoiled after this and only insist we stay in suites from now on. The problem we had in New York with a small room and the sleeping issue is totally solved!) he walked around playing ate lunch and then slept again until 7, woke up and was out again by 9:45, I think it was a verrrry long day for him. He's been up since 6. But he did a great job. Mommy was stressed and sweating like a whore in church (Atlanta is beyond words HOT. Thank GOD we don't live here. I would melt) but, I'm looking forward to tomorrow to just hit the pool and read.

I have a few photos already. I decided to create a Flickr account so instead of only posting a few pictures on the blog (Blogger only lets you do five at a time) at a time you can see the whole album. Aren't you excited?! I am also setting up a YouTube account because I finally got strong long lasting batteries for my mini-video camera.

The internet connection is so slow here. Like dial up slow! Videos and pictures are taking hella long to post, so I'll post the links once I get them done.

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