Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Header Makeover

Look up.....Isn't it pretty? I did it all by myself! I have been dying to revamp my blog since I started it! I was fooling around on line and landed at Sneaky Momma Blog and started reading Blogger tips and BAM 4 hours later I had me a spectacular one of kind header :-)

I'm so proud of myself.....It's so ironic that I was able to figure this out because it falls in line with something I've been thinking about doing since I was 10! I'm going to post about it later, it's 2:45 AM and I need to finish getting us packed up so we can sit at the pool a bit before we fly out....

Stay tuned, for {hopefully} more changes in the next couple days and weeks!

And if you want a custom header just email me! beforethebabywakes@gmail.com

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