Monday, July 20, 2009

Nap time reading

Way back before The Husband and I had a baby our favorite thing to do was to lay in bed all day and read. We would go to the library and get like 7 books a piece and spend all day Saturday and Sunday in pj's reading. Sometimes we would even get the same books and read them together or we would swap books. It was (for me) some of the best times we had.

Even before I was betrothed and married to my beloved I would spend hours and hours reading. I would read at the dinner table and read while eating cereal. I would read while walking down the steps. I would read during commercials. I always carried a book with me. And in fact whenever I bought a new purse it had to be big enough to fit the book of the moment.

I adore reading.

But when you have a baby reading sometimes falls to the waste side. It's much easier to fold laundry and roast a chicken with the TV on as opposed to having a book in your hand. I used to try and read when I was nursing, but in the beginning I was so concerned with him latching properly I couldn't focus on the book. Other times I would relish the 30-40 minute break to relax on the couch and close my eyes while he suckled <----this is a funny word. Then he got bigger and nursing time was spent pulling his hands away from my face or breaking his death grip on my nip or holding his hands because he was trying to claw me to death. I tried reading at night but who am I kidding. Once he was out for the night all I wanted was sweet relief of a soft pillow, cold sheets, and War World II stories (Husband watches History Channel at night to unwind) to lull me to sleep. Thus reading again fell to the waste side. When I would finally find a book I was interested in it would literally take me weeks and weeks and weeks to finish it because I could only manage to squeeze in maybe 2 chapters a day instead of the usual six or seven or the whole book I would manage prior. Thus it was easier to close the books and flip on the TV. But with lazy summer vacations comes the zest for reading again. In the past 3 months or so I have been able to complete 3 books. Handle with Care By Jodi Picoult (this book had me in tears for hours after I was finished with it), Best Friends By Martha Moody, (this one. not so great)
and One Fifith Avenue by Candace Bushnell (basically another sex & the city, just with different people and a few graphic sex scences. so if you refer to sex between you and your husband as the "act of marriage" you might want to skip this one. but a satisfying shallow read). I just started American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield. This book has been a bit of a slow start for me only because of this week and the constant sessions I am requested to attend (I am currently sitting at another one. But this is ok, because out of this week I forsee that I will bestowed {for random reasons} beautiful pieces of Tiffany's Jewelery , like this Fleur de lis Key Pendant) I haven't been able to dive into the book fully like I want to. But tomorrow is our last full day and Phoenix and are going to make it to the pool, if only for a few hours. I'm looking forward to this book because I heard great reviews. The only thing that has me raising my need to be waxed and plucked eyebrows is that it seems to be loosley based on Laura Bush. I hope that it doesn't shed her in a bad light because I happen to really like Laura Bush and I loved the former President (unlike our current country leader)

Moving along though dearies. I have compiled a list of my some of my favorite books (list on left side column). Most of these books were read prior to the Monkey Baby making his arrival. My favorite book of all time is The Time Travelers Wife. Shawn and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. We both cried. The movie comes out August 14th so you need to read the book NOW!

Hopefully after I finish a few books I can do some reviews.

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