Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The husband that cleans

Does anyone else who has a husband who likes to straighten-up? Mine loves too, we both can sometimes go a day or two with messiness. Not filth, just kind of messy. But then we get crazy and it has to be cleaned up or we can't function. This weekend it was messier then usually with the holidays and we had a lot of packages delivered. There were boxes and tools, and shipping peanuts and mail just kind of scattered. Saturday night after getting home from the 4th festivities we put Phoenix to bed and I did a quick power clean while directing Shawn to certain areas. Then Sunday morning we went to the pool in the afternoon and again in the morning the house just kind of got turned upside down. But this time it was mostly Shawn's stuff. So when we get in from the pool Sunday he decides he needs to clean up. I'm sure a lot of wives would love for their husband to offer to clean up. But I am so obsessive compulsive that I loathe when he starts straitening up. He just piles things in different areas and throws stuff away that's not trash. To me it makes what was a simple 10 minutes power clean into a 2 day long search of where he put stuff. But my bitchiness and the fact I was extra tired from the sun and pool got the best of me and I kind of slightly spazzed and went upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom to wash my hair. I don't know why I get like that. I know he was just trying to help. I seriously either need to relinquish some control and be gracious and accept the help or "teach" him my way.

And have I mentioned I have a TODDLER!? He's walking! Not completely consistently but close. He does it more at his Yaya and Papouli's house because I think he doesn't like crawling on the hardwood. But when we are home he goes straight back to his knees or does this crab crawl. I'll have to catch that on video soon. It is terribly cute!

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