Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby needed {more} shoes

Mommy likes shoes so it's only natural her baby would too. Well he might not looove shoes. I actually suspect he hates all types of apparel because getting him dressed is literally like trying to wrestle with an oily pig! Maybe I should say, Mommy loves shoes, so baby has a lot of shoes. I love little boy shoes especially because they come in such cute bright colors!

Here are his newest pairs that came today from TinySoles

These are Robeez Mini Shoez. I really like Robeez. He has like 15 pair! They go on easy and always stay on. This particular pair have cute little skater boyz on them.

These are by Rileyroos. My little sister and husband did not think they were very cute, but the little boy who was modeling them looked adorable in them, so I am sure the monkey will too!
I also ordered some little girl Robeez for his cousin Penelope who will be here at the end of September! TinySoles was very quick shipping and actually has a very large stock. It took me a little while to decide on what to get. And all the shoes were wrapped in cute bright colored tissue paper and they also threw in a little lollipop shaped like a foot!

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