Sunday, July 19, 2009

In need of a suit for the monkey

Attention my lovely readers, if you saw my blog post before this one I mention two things I just got from Etsy. But the link to the Etsy shop actually took you to my sisters baby registry. Yeah, no idea how I managed that one. I woke up at 5 AM yesterday and didn't go to sleep until 3 AM so almost 24 hour of no sleep.

Anyhow, you'll see from my time stamp that I am writing this post at almost 5 AM. For some reason my husband likes when I come to the studio and just watch him work. Don't get me wrong, it can be quite fun and salacious when writers, engineers, and my husband give us mere "mortals" gossip on other artist. But this time around it was a little hectic. For starters it was like 900 degrees in the studio, so you know me. I was melting and two Phoenix just refused to settle down! He was loud and crawling all over the place and trying to push buttons and talking to fish. It was also especially stressful because I don't want my husband to seem like he brought this family entourage who was tearing the place up! And they were doing some filming for a possible reality show type thing and I was just not wanting to be caught on camera chasing a baby with a boob pooping out of my low cute summer dress. He FINALLY decided to sleep around 11:30ish, then Phoenix and I ended up leaving the studio around 2. He's fallen asleep and I'm just not that tired...

I've been working on the 1st Birthday Monkey Extravaganza and have come up with three cute ideas. 1. I am going to make a photo sign for people to sign and then hang it in his room. Not completely original but it'll be a cute keepsake. and 2. I decided to take some photos (so far 196) and string them on a clothes line with clothes pins all around the house. Kind of like "picture garland" or "picture streamers". I also want to then take those same photos and videos and make a DVD. Shawn did a song (just the instrumental) about the three of us when he was born that I'll probably use in the background. Either that or the Phoenix and Mommy song.

After Phoenix fell asleep at the studio I started hunting the web for his birthday outfit. I have no idea what I want it to be. I don't know if I want monkeys on it or just the colors of his party...But I found this cute Morfs Cheeky Monkey set from the Target Baby Boutique

So isn't all of that really cute together?! The Daddy doesn't like it, but I've checked all my usual places. Gymboree, Jack & Janie, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, and Crazy 8 and didn't see anything.

So I'm thinking the Mommy might just have to pull rank on this one folks

The Husband just got in and now I will go to sleep

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