Saturday, July 18, 2009

Monkey's galore!

Two more weeks until my little Bubba Monkey Cake is 1 and officially a toddler! He's already so toddler now, it's crazy. All he does is walk around and talk. I love it. My favorite music has now becoming his voice.

Two weeks until my baby is one and two weeks until I can stop stressing over the party.

Here is the finished sketch of his cake

Doesn't it look absolutely delicious?! I've been craving cake ever since Thursday.

I also order this hat and these shoes for his party. The hat he will wear while eating his cake. The ribbon tie and the hat colors will match his invitations.

I ordered these from Etsy which is slowly becoming my new obsession. Anyhow the shoes and hat were ordered from lilcubby. There was also an adorable monkey pirate shirt I want to get and all the little girl booties are so precious! I'll be ordering those as well for my new niece Penelope :-)

Now I just to figure out what he's going to wear...I have Gymboree Bucks to redeem so I'm going to hit the website and see what I can find.

I am now going to invest in hotel blinds and curtains! Phoenix went to bed at like 9:30, 10 ish woke up at 8 AM and then came into bed with us and slept until 10:00 AM and that was only because we made him get up. Shawn didn't get back until 5:30 and me trying to be the dutiful wife tried to stay up for him because I knew he was going to be excited and raring to talk, but I crashed at 3:00 AM, so I was so glad Phoenix decided to sleep in. And now he's sleep again for his nap. It's either his old age catching up with him or jet lag, even though we are still on the same time zone. LOL.

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