Friday, July 31, 2009

Less then 24 hours!

In less then 24 hours, this mommy is going to have a TODDLER!!!! So many feelings!!! SO MUCH TO DO!

I've been up until at least 1 AM every day splitting my time between party stuff, work stuff and blog makeover!

I 'm very much excited about this little Monkey Baby's birthday, but secretly excited about it being over. I always have great ideas, but because I'm a procrastinator at the 11th hour I am always running around like a crazy person! Ugh!

I have a million errands to run today and so much to do but hoping to hit the bed by 8 PM. party is at 10:40 AM! It's brunch and it's at my parents so I want to be bright eyed and bush tailed for everything!

I'm also really excited because I'm teaching myself all of these awesome blog tricks. I'm practicing on my practice blog and hope to have the blog completely revamped by the end of August!

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