Monday, July 6, 2009

Momma needs a new diaper bag

So Momma's how long do you carry a diaper bag for? This is the question I am asking myself. I know it's not a big life changing thing but I'm really wondering. The diaper bag I have been carrying since Phoenix was born is the MotherShip by Fleurville. It's white and trimmed in brown. When I got it I loved it. Now it's starting to fray on the inside and it doesn't stay closed so it can be a real pain in the bottom. So I have been on a hunt for the last couple weeks for a new bag. I admit I am what you might call a "purse whore" (and now also a "stroller whore" another post...) I love expensive, big flashy bags. So of course shopping and picking out diaper bags I have become a "diaper bag" whore. I love Coach and always try to get a new Coach bag as soon as my current one starts to show some wear and tear. But the one I got for Christmas is hanging on so well that I'm not ready to get a new one. Now I want this bag to replace the Fleurville diaper bag, but because the monkey is almost one and we are thinking of starting the potty training around 14-16 months I'm wondering if I should even bother to get this beautiful bag. I still think I want to get it, because even if I only use it for a diaper bag for a few months I can always use it as a purse or travel bag later on.

But isn't it soooooooo pretty???

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