Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does this warrant a CPS call?

Being a mom (and a wife) is hard all on its own without worrying about strangers judging you. I worry about it a lot. I use 3 people to hold Phoenix down just to clean his nose because I don't want other parents to think I'm one of those moms. Ya know the kind. The kind with the kids who look like the roll in pools of snot, cookies, boogers, and red juice. Yuck! So I really do try not to judge other moms too bad.

BUT. While preparing for Phoenix's first birthday extravaganza I met a neighbor of mine that had just moved in with her 8 month pregnant daughter and her husband. She says that I may have seen her and her daughter outside smoking..."Um, wait you mean the daughter who's pregnant?!" I nearly shouted "Yeah, hahaha she won't listen to anyone"

We chatted for a few more moments and I really, honestly fought the urge to knock this lady in the face! But ever since that day I see the two of them from my kitchen window smoking and I get so angry!

Like angry to the point I want to call CPS! Are you even allowed to do that? Like that has to be child abuse right?

This is why they should make you fill out a questionnaire before getting pregnant

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