Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's the deal with milk?

So moms of toddler's who have made the switch to whole milk. Does your little bundle of energy like white milk? Phoenix is not interested in it much. He prefers (like most kids I guess) chocolate and strawberry milk. I was fine with it until I saw that chocolate has 28g of sugar and strawberry has 32g! Hello! Like this kid needs anything else to get him all riled up!

So I thought about just doing one cup (I try to do 3 cups of milk a day) of chocolate or strawberry a day and white the other times. When I tried this Friday he refused to drink the white milk. I ended up giving in and squirting some chocolate syrup in it! But of course I don't want to do this every day!

The same day I was watching something on Disney Channel with a french talking dachshund. He's some kind of "snack chef", he made a smoothie using milk and yogurt and I thought "Bingo!" Who doesn't love smoothies?!

I also have recently started having trouble getting him to eat veggies and we are getting in a bit of a food rut. Breakfast is usually one of the following. Oatmeal with a jar of stage 3 fruit (easier then having to cut up a bunch of fruit) oatmeal and go-gurt, cream of wheat and apple sauce, fruit or yogurt. But if I'm feeling especially awake I'll do pancakes or waffles. Lunch is usually a Gerber micro meal. But I'm getting sick of it and he seems to be too.

So I was wooooondering if any of you mommy's had any tips for getting him to drink the white milk and any menu ideas and/or recommendations for a good baby/toddler (EASY & FAST) cookbook.

Now I know there are people reading my blog. I have a stat counter that says so. BUT for whatever reason you want to be undercover readers and ya never leave me any comments.

Show a girl some love and give me some tips ;-)


  1. Hey there!

    Marino loves milk and we had no trouble with the switch. My best friend can't get her toddler to drink milk much anymore (she's older than Phoenix, though, 18 months) so she buys the Stoneybrook Farm organic smoothies (they make banana flavor) to supplement the lack of milk/calcium.

    I have a book called "Cooking for Baby" that I got at Williams Sonoma and I make a couple new things out of that every week (at this point, one recipes lasts a week). I don't know if these are easy, but this week, for example, I made succotash (using low sodium chicken broth) and orzo with mixed vegetables. I do some more simple meals as well: grilled cheese and baked mac and cheese (I add broccolli). Marino isn't really into meat and he hates tomatoes, so that cuts down a lot of the typical "toddler" meals I can make.

    I also do a lot of snacks: cheese, low sodium turkey (the only meat he eats), edamame, bananas, tiny pieces of fruit, organic crackers.

    I've heard good things about the "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook if you need to work in some hidden veggies. Marino is allergic to eggs, but omlets are a good way to hide veggies in cheese and eggs:)

    My guy is also really high energy, so the only processed sugar he gets is in Puffs! I don't even want to think about what he would be like with sugar:(

  2. I would try half whole milk half choco milk -- I really don't like choco or strawberry milk for lil ones but I knwo that if you have to get some milk in them that's prob the best way how to.
    Mix more whole milk in it and little by little start diluting the choco

  3. Yeah I think I agree with the whole "half and half" thing and then start removing the chocolate slowly and eventually he should take to it. :)

  4. I would recommend Amazing Grass for Kidz in chocolate:


    Lots and lots of greens, organic, low sugar. The chocolate can be mixed with milk, the berry can be mixed with water and is a great replacement for juice. This has been a life-saver for me!


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