Monday, September 28, 2009

Bloggers Block

I've neglected to post for what seems like {to me} a million days!

Maybe you've noticed (and maybe you haven't) that I am way up from 7 followers and zero comments just a few short weeks ago to 60 followers and tons of comments!

Thank you all to my followers and all those who leave comments! I love checking my stat counter and watching the numbers soar!

I think I'll have that book deal in no time! I kid, I kid...

But since I have so many new readers I want to make sure I keep my content interesting ya dig?

I try to give a lot of thought now to my post and topics. 

I mean it's not like I don't have tons to write about! I'm a mom and a wife. A daughter, a sister, and a very soon to be aunt.

I could write about how my 14 month old has entered his terrible twos. I could post about how difficult it is to entertain house guest and cook for a month! You can't walk around without a bra when you have people in your house!

I could post about how much I enjoyed meeting my aforementioned Australian house guests. I could post how I am dying to find out who really killed Stuart Chandler on All My Children or how watching the Maxie and Spinnelli wedding on General Hospital really makes me wish Shawn and I could have had our big dream wedding and I could have worn my absolute to die for dress that still hangs in parents closet.

I could post about how I am planning on building my 14 month old his toddler bed in the next few weeks. I could post about how strange it sometimes feels to be just 22 and be someones wife and mother.

But then I could post about all the topics I could post and just bore the hell out of you!

So for now I'll just leave you with a few glimpses of sweetness.




  1. Cute, cute pictures!

    And why is it, I wonder, that we have so many things to write about, yet sit down at the computer and stare at a blank screen thinking, "I have nothing to say..." :)

  2. Sometimes I have the same problems. If you were sitting next to me I wouldn't be able to shut up, but when I try to put it on paper, my mind draws a blank!

    Cute little man!

  3. Been there. It's tough, I won't post for days and I feel like such a failure.

    Visiting from SITS, check out the latest giveaway at The Apron Goddesses.

  4. awww...such cute pics!!! dont worry missy, I myself have not posted in 4 days and feel guilty!!

  5. Do you build things too? Awesome! I am posting my DIY build a platform bed sometime in the next week. My 18 month old loved it and at 3 still does and all of her toys fit underneath in the storage compartments! Now following!

  6. I love the blog, I'm glad I made it over here from SITS! I'm going to go back up and click on your getting skinny link, I need some of that for myself!

  7. Yes, that is some serious sweetness!


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