Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Personal Fall Lookbook

Before each season I like to think about what look I want to go for, for that upcoming season. This summer it was dresses and boho. A constant in the winter for me is always a great pair of boots, last year it was booties. This year, I want flat riding style boots. Haven't found that pair yet so if you see any good one holla' at yo girl homie :-P

While pursing the latest celebrity rags I stumbled upon the same photo of Kate Hudson. And couldn't help but think how much I loved her style.

I loved the whole effortless look she had going on and even though it was this oversized guy shirt it was very sexy.

This picture made me decide my Fall look would be The Boyfriend look. Gap is a great help in achieving this look as is Piperlime. And of course your husband or boyfriends closet.
I tried the look out Friday and I loved it, but it was like 90 degrees so I was a bit hot.

So for me it's going to be oversized button downs, cardigans, loose t shirts, tight tshirts, boyfriend jeans (look at Gap for these), trench coats, blazers and a good belt.

For shoes, I'm thinking moccasins or these great Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers for when I'm running to Target or My Gym.

For more sexier, gown up times I'm thinking sexy stillettos. Even those Coach ones I have my eyes on.

Here's a good article I found while looking for pictures. The article said that you still want to add girly touches. Big earrings, necklaces, braclets. If you are going to do a button down, pair it with skinny jeans and stilettos. Baggy cuffed jeans? Tight vintage inspired tshirts. Get it?

Do you like to plan out a look for the season? If so what's yours going to be?

I also have started planning Phoenix's look as well. He has two looks this fall. Preppy baby. Button down with the sleeves rolled up and baseball caps (ha like he'll wear them), puffy vests, baby Uggs and converse.

His second look is going to be rocker baby chic. Washed out demin and skinny jeans. And yes they make skinny jeans for boys at of all places TARGET! I'm not finding good examples of this baby rock look. But you get the idea right?

And these great shoes I found from Esty will be a perfect compliment to his baby rocker style.


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