Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 Things....Before having a baby

I enjoyed my list last month about the top 10 reasons I'm a bad mom, so I decided to do this each month on....Ta Da! The 10th!

So here's this months list.

The Top 10 Things I wish I would have done BEFORE I had a baby:

10.  I would have gotten really skinny. It's much easier to lose baby weight, when you don't also have pre-baby weight you wanted to lose. Thank goodness I have finally found a secret weapon and the weight is literally pouring off me!

9. I would have learned a new language (fluently). Something hard like Japanese or Russian. How cool would it have been to have Phoenix cuss me out in English AND Russian?

8. Gone back to my mother land Greece. My father's half Greek and I've always wanted to go there to learn more about my culture. Plus it's friggin' beautiful! Husband- take my to Greece for TWO WEEKS.

7. Bungee Jumped, but would I have made it alive to actually have a baby?

6. Go skydiving.  Again another death defying act that could have had me splat all over the ground?! Eeek! Now I have a life I'm responsible for so this is something I probably shouldn't do.

5. Lived in NYC to cultivate that Sex & The City lifestyle that seemed so awesome and glamorous on the TV. A closet full of Manolo's & Jimmy's. Dinners at posh restaurants and a mysterious boyfriend only referred to as "Mr. Big"

4.  Taken my relationship with NFL great player Will Demps more seriously. Hello. How hot is he? I had the biggest crush on him when I moved to Maryland. Totally wateched every game of the Baltimore Ravens. We had a close family friend that played for them as well, so I was hoping he could help get Demps and our relationship,off the ground. Yeah didn't happen.

3. Bought a bigger car, putting a carseat into a tiny Scion TC was a pain in the ass! Thank the heavens we have a 4 door now! But wow how annoying that was!

2. Bought a house, since Phoenix has been born we've moved a couple thousand times. I get tired easily and want something new all the time. The reason I've been put on spending restriction. But it would have been nice to own a house before he actually came along.

1. Gotten married. Shawn and I were married and completely committed in our hearts before we even gotten regnant. But I didn't like in the hospital how Phoenix last name had to be Scott on his ID bracelet because that was mine. I think it would have been special to have a legal document solitfying our commitment. But it was special to have Phoenix as our witness when we did finally get married.

So there's my list. Don't get it twisted and think this is a bunch of regrets I have. I actually don't believe in regrets. 

I love that little boy like crazy. Seriously. Love him so much sometimes it hurts. So no, I wouldn't go back and undo anything to be able to do stuff on that list. 

Do you have things you wish you could have done or accomplished before having a baby?



  1. I had a Scion tC also before I had my daughter. When I hit the 2nd trimester we traded it in on a Scion xB. Not a day goes by that I don't miss that tC. I loved that car so much. My xB is cool, but my tC was such a fun ride.

  2. I hear you on the buying a bigger car, but that seems to be how it works. We crammed our kids in a 4-door Civic until our third was on the way, then we had to jump to the iconic mini-van.

    I'm following you now! Check my thoughts out at

  3. i would have liked to book a hotel and flown on a plane by my self before having kids. i got married at 20 and soon had my 1st of 5 kids. Those things are what grown ups do so i joke and say that when i do those things i will be an adult. No regrets here either, one day i can do those small silly, grown up things but not now, now i am not ever by myself. :)


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