Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad Toddler Behavior

If anyone has a toddler out there I'm sure you'll be able to identify with my post for today.

Toddler Behavior!!!

Yikes! Phoenix has always been a little tyrant. Screeching, screaming, and hitting when he didn't get his way. And positively delighting in all things DANGEROUS and DIRT.

I am seriously at the end of trying to figure out what to do.

We're at the point where going to restaurants, church, Target, or car rides make us look like the parents with the tot laid out in the aisles because they can't get candy.

He's as adorable as can be so of course it's hard to discipline him or tell him no. And don't even get me started on how cute he is when he tells me no back!

I picked up Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers and I'm almost finished with and I am really hoping that these techniques will help us grab hold of the tantrums. 
 I don't want to be a housebound mommy!

What do you do to help get your toddling toddler to behave?



  1. OH wow!! I have a 20 month old at home and like Phoenix, Ms. thang also has her moments. I used to get very frustrated but now I stay calm, get down on my knees, hold her and tell her to use her words. I continue to say its ok, its ok, use your words baby and I swear the more I talk to her the faster she calms down. Now there are moments where she is completely out of control and if she throws herself on the floor, I ignore her until she quiets down and then I approach her for some love!! Its hard..they dont know how to talk yet, so they just scream and cry! hang in there mama!

  2. you know my 25mth can be just like your Pheonix, and when my DS was your son's age, he was better than he is now... so that may mean you might not be going to get any respite any time soon. I'm with Areeba tho, I do EXACTLY like her, believe it or not, you can rise above it and not let it get to you... it's difficult if you are trying to do something else, but most other times it's managable... I guess you gotta adapt for a while until the channels of communication widen. They're just little bubsies (with cute "no" answers up their sleeves) and I probably wish somethings would improve, but overall, I love him to bits! (even when he tries to poke his 1yo sister's eyes!!!)

  3. The book that helped me the most with my two was I Brake for Temper Tantrums. I followed some of the advice, (which seemed a bit too obvious at points) and it worked wonderfully. We are having problems again now though, and I think I need to go back for a re-read!

    I like your blog. Found you on Mom Bloggers Follower Group. I'm now following and looking forward to reading more.

  4. What did I do to get my toddler to behave? Hold on tight and ride out the storm.

    I clearly recall having to abandon my shopping cart in the middle of the grocery store to escort my overreacting toddler outside in order to allow the other shoppers some peace and quiet.

    But as they say, "this too shall pass." And before you know it, your permit-toting 15-year-old is driving YOU to the grocery store and asking YOU to please stop overreacting to the way he's handling his left turns. Ha, ha, ha!


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