Monday, October 19, 2009

Before I was a mother.....

Reading Muthering Heights and she had a post of things she was before she was a mom and now.

It inspired me....

Before I was Ma!


I read Cosmopolitan

I got regular manicures and pedicures

I got to lay in bed for hours and read

I wore short, shorts and skirts.

 I could wear a bathing suit and feel {semi} good
I was woken up in the middle of the night by text messages

I wore high heels everyday

I always loved to get really done up

I actually did my hair and makeup

  I wore jewelry

I never thought about public, private, or montessori  schools.

When my boyfriend called me "Baby" "Honey" or "Babe" it made me feel special

Now that I'm a Ma!

I read Southern Living & Real Simple 
Trunk space for strollers and groceries are important to me
I'm woken in the middle of the night by a 14 1/2 month old who is bored, lonely or scared.

I don't brush my hair regularly. Ponytail knot thing is all the rage now.

Flats and me get along so well and I don't care if my height make me look like I'm 12. If I can move quickly that's all that matters.

Having someone call me "Ma", "Mom", and "Mommy" is equal parts wonderful and exhausting.

Big purses, not for style but to shove sippy cups, snacks, diapers, and paci's in.

Now I don't wear short short anything because bending down to pick up the rolling paci or run away sippy cup.



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