Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Embarrassing Mommy Moment

What is your most embarrassing Mommy Moment?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (I heart her. And yes I am republican and do love Bush. But NO I am not a Palin fan) revealed this morning that she sent out a picture of her new born son to her family with her nipple in the picture! Nipplegate 2009!

That story reminded me of my most embarrassing moment.

Mine occurred just a short 2 hours or so after becoming mommy.

My Dad was in charge of sending out the first picture to people on my moms email list.

Little did I know that my mom was snapping photos while I was being stitched in the one hundred and one places that I tore (Ouch!)

But when my Dad was given the camera he inadvertently used a picture that had my legs sprawled and my doctor feverishly working to sew me back up. Blood everywhere. TMI. TMI!

I didn't find out about the picture until a few hours later when it then popped up on Facebook! Via my MOM!

My Uncle said he opened and it showed a friend of his during DINNER!

I was mortified. 

Adding insult to injury....My dad spelled Phoenix's name wrong to which Uncle #2 replied "Hope you're going to spell his name correctly"

Sheesh. Talk about embarrassing.


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