Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog tshirt

I was out with my husband yesterday for mind numbing and exhausting errands. In the process of these long winded errands we decided we needed to eat.
Being down near Rockville,MD I decided to stear him in the area near a mall. Kill two birds with one stone.
We hit the mall and Charlotte Russe was having a great sale. Everything on the clearance rack was 4.99. Including a bunch of Kitson stuff.

I snapped up a couple of button downs and a few Kitson sweat pants and jackets and then this tshirt caught my eye.

A bit juvenile so I'm not sure if I'd actually wear it in public. Then again, couldn't I use an iron on stencil thing to iron on my blog address on the back? Free advertsing!

If you have a Charlotte Russe near stop by before Sunday. 



  1. love it! not sure if I'd wear it, but maybe

  2. yeah i'm thinking it's strictly going to be an at home shirt


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