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Bloggerazi- Rebekah

One of my favorite new blogs is High-Heeled foot in the door she does something each week called "In her shoes" which highlights the day of a particular blogger's day.

Then when I was featured on Pink Nothings last week I thought it would be fun to do the same thing here on Before The Baby Wakes.

I went back and forth, back and forth (aww don't you love that book) on the format and decided to do an interview style with the blogger.
The interviews will run each Saturday (hopefully) and won't be a regular "What's your favorite color?" or "How many kids do you have?" questions.

I wanted to make it fun for the interviewee to answer and fun for YOU to read.

Below is our first Bloggerazzi Blogger!
My husband read over the questions and started answering them for HIMSELF. He thought it would be fun to be interviewed too. So look for him to make his appearance! Yikes!


Bloggerazzi Blogger is Rebekah at Outnumbered

I'm outnumbered. Even the dog is a boy. Three sons dictate my life. No pink. No hair clip drawer. No princess movies. Cars, cars, and more cars. Sound effects at the dinner table. Dirt. Wrestling. Spiderman. Secretly---I love it. This is my life...these three boys, my muses. My husband, an added bonus.
 Alexandria: You spend way too much time in Target today and you are just pulling into your driveway at 5:30. What do you cook for dinner or do you dig out the delivery menus?
Rebekah: Well, if I'm really good I have a crockpot meal going, but that is only when I'm really good.  Delivery menus are not an option for us as we live in the middle of no where, sort of.  I resort to my quick n' easy meals on days like this.

1.  Tomato soup and grilled cheese
2.  Frozen pizza
3.  Pancakes and eggs 

But truthfully, I would never be allowed to stay at Target that long.  My boys would get us kicked out long before 5:30.
Alexandria: Are you an organic momma or a “Whatever keeps them from screaming” momma?

Rebekah: I'm a "Whatever is best for them" mamma.  I remember a girl in my 6th grade class whose mother was "green" before her time.  That poor girl.  She wanted all of our food so bad.  My Ding-dong went missing from my lunch for two weeks solid.  Finally I found my Ding-dong in her jaws as see munch in secret hidden underneath the coats in the class coat closet.  All of her mother's hopes and aspirations for a healthy child backfired.  I am a big fan of moderation and balance.  All children should be allowed to experience a fruit snack and cupcake, but all children should also experience home cooked healthy meals and food choices.

I'm actually quite organic as I have a huge garden and orchard and we can all summer long.  Then we eat from our preserves all winter.  I love it.  But sometimes I do crave a nasty cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Alexandria: Favorite product to use to fight stains? 
Rebekah: A blind eye. We wash and wear regardless.
Alexandria: It’s been a really stressful day and it’s only 12:45. How do you recharge your batteries?

Rebekah: A nap, tea, reading, Facebook...
Alexandria: Favorite part of being a mommy?

Rebekah: Seeing, experiencing the power of unconditional love.
Alexandria: Are you done having kids?

Rebekah: Oh yes....we obviously only make one kind...male, and I'm ready to embrace and live into my family that is here and living!  I'm ready for family vacations, sporting events, game night etc.
Alexandria: Did you enjoy being pregnant?
Rebekah:  Nope.  Yes.  Almost.  I loved feeling life grow.  I loved seeing my body become womanly.  However, I don't miss it.  I am slowly reclaiming my body and soon hope to say goodbye to the muffin top. Oh, and being sick for 20 weeks plus wasn't a high point either.
Alexandria: Did you know instinctively what you wanted to name your kids or did you go back and forth over a lot of different ones?

Rebekah: Always had my girl name...Elsie Magdalina....boys names, not as easy.  It was hard each time.  We resorted to the same Swiss German website as we tried to keep the names all matching with their dad's, Hans.  Even after my oldest was born I had doubts about his name. It didn't help that my husband and I are both school teachers.....oh all those bad kids....
Alexandria: Would you ever considering hiring a nanny a few days a week so you could have “alone” time and if so what would you want to do?
Rebekah: I would write!  I used to hire a gal to watch my kids while I tutored.  That was great, but it wasn't my time. I was still giving, giving, giving.

Alexandria: How long had you been married before you had kids?

Rebekah: 7 glorious, wonderful, needed years!  No regrets!  It was all part of our plan. I highly recommend it.  As much as I love my kids, I love the man I married too, and I crave his time and attention.  We both have quality time as our primary love language.  As soon as our last boy graduates we are buying motorcycles and taking a road trip to Alaska!

Alexandria: How do you feel about Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize this early in his presidency?

Rebekah: Well, initially my husband texted me the big news about Obama.  My text back was, "WHAT?" I wondered for what?  This is nothing against Obama.  He didn't vote for himself.  I was thinking about individuals that I feel represent peace making like Ghandi and Mother Theresa.  I thought, "I think some Dr. who's been working in Darfur for the last decade should receive this recognition.

I thought he responded well in his acceptance speech, saying that he was going to take this as a call to action to fullfill lasting peace etc.  I thought he used wisdom in his speech.  But, I have to agree that it almost seemed like a slap in the face to all those people who work in the trenches to achieve peace around the word.

Now go by and say hi to Rebekah!

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