Monday, October 12, 2009

Picking the SAHM battles

Last week I started thinking about why I wanted to be a SAHM. 

When I found out I was pregnant I was working at a crappy job. I found out I was pregnant right before Christmas. After the Christmas I was supposed to get a promotion, but the new office I was going to be managing fell through so I decided to quit. 

So from the time I first got pregnant I was able to stay home and gestate.

I was so excited about staying home. My Gym, Kindermusik, Play groups, play dates, parks, picnics, and zoo trips. This is what I had in mind.

But 3 months after having Phoenix I signed on to work for a company my Dad was running. Luckily I was able to do it from home.

But working from home, being a SAHM, being a SAHW is a lot of work involved. A lot of different job titles and a lot of different responsibilities.

I realized that last week I haven't really been able to focus on Phoenix the way I want to. 

So I decided last week that I was going to focus on my son. He'll never be 14 months old again and fascinated by the ant on the windowsill or the ceiling fans.

Housework can wait (or starting next week, the house cleaner can pick that up) work can wait (and starting in January I am soooo quitting!). 

Last week we went to the park a couple days and he ran around and I laid on the grass watching him. I also bought sidewalk paint from Walmart (Hello! I am not a fan of their clothes {for kids their clothes are great for play} but they have some great housewares!) and if its warm enough this week I'd like to do.

Shawn works from home so this is perfect excuse for to go the zoo during the week as well!

I just want to learn how to pick my battles and decide whats more important. That my house is spotless or my Phoenix gets enough attention.



  1. it is that constant struggle! as a SAHM for the past 7 years, i have struggled with my decision to leave 'me' behind and focus on their dreams, lives, and aspirations. and it settled it all for me when my son saw some of his friends from school getting on the daycare bus and he asked me why they went to daycare after school instead of home, and i said b/c their mommies and their daddies worked and he said I'M GLAD YOU'RE HOME FOR ME MOMMY. it's all worth it in the end! found you from peeling an orange and now a new follower!

  2. I did try and work and be the mom and everyhting else in between as well.
    I feel if I can be there for them NOW, I hope to AVOID certain issues later in their lives.
    I have 4 kids, 19, 16, 9, & 3 and it does go by TOO QUICKLY -
    I found you on Calling All Commenters - Mom Bloggers Club
    P.S. Even though you are a mommmy, wife, sister, daughter, etc, YOU are still a person! You are Alexandria!

  3. It is hard to balance life as a sahm/wahm. Much harder than lots of people realize. There are so many battles to choose from, I guess it is about choosing the right ones and letting the others go. I love it though and could never imagine leaving my kids with some one else to raise as I worked outside of the home full time.

  4. Hi-visiting from MBC. i think we all struggle with these same thougths -thank you for sharing them with us. my daughter is 14 months old too and I wouldn't trade these days of mickey mouse club house, park visits and watching her learn to walk for anything!I was once a career woman too but I promise you this is the toughest but most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life . You are making dome tough but rewarding decisions ! You should be proud

  5. it's hard isn't it. things are never as they seem, we have such busy lives (and complicated lives) that these moments just seem to blend. I guess we need to just watch our bubs sometimes to make sure we absorb some of it some of the time!


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