Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So is she or isn't she?

I know that you all have been sitting on pins and needles for the last few days to hear if I am with child again.

And the answer to this most important question would of course be no!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

Is that angels I hear singing?

I was so super relieved to I hear I wasn't.

I love all of my awesome new followers and commentors (is that correct English? Or should it be commentators). 

I lot of you were saying that I should take that little incident as a sign. 

But you see I didn't quite feel the same way.

I would have been excited if I was, but I was even more excited when I wasn't.

Having a baby right now just doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

Getting pregnant with Phoenix was at the worst time, but I wouldn't change it for the world. All I can do now is make the best decision I should have made back then. Which is to wait.

Hear that teens? It is better to wait!

I really enjoy being our little family of 3 and snuggling on the couch together. I enjoy that our life isn't super chaotic and that we can get up and go and only have to grab one diaper bag as apposed to two.

I'm just getting my figure back. I'm sleeping. And I am now just figuring out who Shawn and I are meant to be.

We didn't take enough time to do that before Phoenix and it is paramount to me that we take that time now while we still can.

Do I want more babies? For absolutely, maybe, certainly, possibly.

I'm thinking after Phoenix's second-ok maybe third, or fourth, or seventh birthday I'll be ready to talk about it again.

But for now being the three soup cans (See cuz our last name is Campbell and it's kind of a play on the Three Amigos. Get it? No? Lame? Ok.) is ok by me!

More importantly however, why is my title post is third person?



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