Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silent Sunday-Sickness sucks

We (the husband and I) feel like death. 

Tissue everywhere. 

Our baby has been with his YaYa since Thursday night.

Miss him terribly but don't want him catching this (again). 

Hope it's not Swine flu.

Library books and Theraflu.



  1. Ahh, that's too bad, at least your sons "Yaya" was able to take him. That's always nice. Just make sure your fever is broken for at least 24 hrs as the flu this year seems to go away and then comes back before you realize it.

  2. So sorry to hear that you guys are sick. Hope it passes quickly and that your lil sweetie doesn't get it too. Take care!!

  3. Oh yucko. Hope you are feeling better soon. We had the swine flu over the last few weeks and mine turned into bronchitis. Coughing as we speak. :( Best of luck


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