Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag- Day 1

Who doesn't love shoes? And who wouldn't want 'em for Christmas?!

New boots are always top on my list every year since I was 12! 

These are on the top of my list this year and at only $50 a pop I want both and I'm not even sure I can wait until Christmas!

Bakers-Montgomery Boots


I love this Stella McCartney hi-tops ($50) from Baby Gap.I love the little Michael Jackson style jacket the kid is modeling on the front page, but rats! They don't seem to be selling it.

Amazon has some great Diesel Toddler (and big kids) Lace-Up Sneaker for a pretty reasonable price *Range from $28 to $35*
Both of these are certainly on Phoenix's list.

(and if you buy from Amazon I get a nice little cut)

Nothing can beat a well dressed man in good shoes. My husband recently realized that he should bow to my fashion sense instead of fighting me on it and is letting me dress him.

I see this tennis shoes from Piperlime ($80) in his future.




  1. Love the Diesel sneakers..just added them to my 4 year old list. You are right, nothing like fashion shoes on a toddler!

  2. And especially for a boy who has limited outfit choices shoes are a great way to make him stand out!

  3. I love the boots. LOVE them. I have to have them. Is it wrong to buy myself a present? Boots are the whole reason I look forward to winter...

  4. i absolutely love the first one.....

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  5. I love the boots, also! Nothing like new shoes....

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks


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