Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santas Snazzy Red Bag- Day 3


I was was catching up on my DVR'd Martha Stewart shows earlier this week and thought the Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader (from Amazon $300) would be the perfect gift for someone like me.

I have a beat up yellow folder that houses all of my loose recipes. One's I've copied from the internet or ripped from magazines.

I've had the desire for the last few months to figure out some type of system for them, but have no desire for the patience a project like this would entail (especially because the pages happen to be covered in splattered food. Eww)

Enter The Demy. Seem's really cool, but I'm not a big electronics girl so $300 on an electronic is not my thing this Christmas. I'd rather spend $300 on something from Coach.

The Kindle (wireless reading device) ($259 at Amazon) is another cool electronic this season. Another gift on both my wish list and my husbands. We are both avid readers. Just this past Saturday we hit downtown Frederick (which is beautiful) to grab books from the library and came home and read all night long (we were probably dying of swine flu so Phoenix was with my parents). 

The Kindle seems uber cool and the ultimate must have gift this season. But then again, something magical about a book in hand. 

I know that this toy specifies 3 and up, but Phoenix is 16 months going on 7! So we are very limited to our toy selection. The typical  12-18 month old toys are skills he has mastered and a toy he would probably stand on top of or use as a drum. So this leaves at 2 and 3 year old toys.

Which is fine, because I really think he would enjoy a race car. This is when I stumble upon the Playskool Tonka Bounce Back race car. I like this one because it only has two simple buttons and like the name suggest he can bang it into the wall all he wants and it'll come flipping right back.

If you have any other race car suggestions I'd love to know which ones.



  1. I like the recipe thing, but I too don't have $300 to spare for something in my kitchen. For goodness sake, I'm still debating whether to invest in a pizza stone!

  2. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I stopped by your blog. I found you over at the mombloggers club.

    I actually got that race car for my son last year for Christmas but to be honest we didn't really like it that much. You had to stand right over it for it to work and it was hard to steer. But I think this may be a different version but you might want to check out the reviews online first. Just a suggestion : )

    Love your Blog!!


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