Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag- Day 4

Cozy Pj's

Who doesn't want a nice pair of cozy PJ's for Christmas? I do! I love this striped long john set from Victoria Secret ($39.50). They have 10 different patterns to chose from and they are all super cute.


So have I shown you enough Gap gifts? Gap should give my a nice little kickback or free shipping or something!

But aren't these little PJ's sets adorable? I'm getting the ladybug for little niece Nelzabug (but will have to order them in a much bigger size because they don't have the little sizes anymore!) and the bumble bee for Phoenix.

These sets run $22 a piece but if you buy 2 or more they are only $19.50


Not all men actually wear "sleepwear" or at least "sleepwear sets". Gap has some great Pj bottoms ($29.50) and I love these slippers

I think all guys would enjoy some comfy "lounge wear" just maybe not a Hanna Anderson family set. 



  1. Cute stuff and I love your holiday header!

  2. The family set would be fun - not sure if I could get my hubbie into them. :) New follower from MBC - just popping in - come and visit me!

  3. Me too! I want ladybug pjs. Have a great day!


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