Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wintry Wonderland

There is insane amounts of snow outside right now. I'm 5" tall and the snow is way past my knees.

And this picture doesn't even completely show the ridiculous amounts of snow right now.

I've always fancied myself to be not much of wintry weather type of person. And at my core I'm not. But I have found myself really enjoying this weather. I grew up in Virginia Beach where "blizzards" are slight dusting.

My first winter in Maryland my Dad said snow was coming and we would be "snowed in" I was like "Um what does that even mean?!" but boy in these 5 years have I quickly found out!

Phoenix didn't enjoy the snow as much as I thought he would, but I was able to snap a few photos to document this most momentous first snow occasion.


We we're also able to dig out enough to go cut down my parents Christmas tree. 


Phoenix stayed sleep the whole time. I fell and almost froze my toes off.

Now we are sitting cozy and warm waiting for burgers and homemade Christmas cookies.

Go to my Picasa album for tons more pictures of my family.


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