Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Christmas Shopping Post

I am so tired after a full days shopping trip to get all of my last minute stuff done. 

One draw back of living in Frederick, MD (which is a bit{but not extremely} rural) is the best malls are about a 35-40 minute drive. 

So I decide to make the drive for ONE store. H&M. And not just any H&M would do but an H&M baby & kids.

I love this store so much for me and my husband, but fell in love when we went to New York in June with the baby clothes.

So I dragged my husband all the way out there only to be slightly disappointed with only leaving with 3 things. Boo. My favorite being a black button down shirt with white stars and an orange tie. Love it.

But after.....6 hours of shopping I am left with only 2 quick stops between now and Thursday to be finished. 

I did drive to two Walmarts looking for Handy Many wrapping paper. And wore really cute ballerina flats today that of course resulted in me having to dry my feet off because of the insane amounts of snow on the ground. 

And of course we haven't been home since Friday evening so when we pulled in early this morning, this is what greeted us.

The wreaths on the windows had been twisted around and two ribbons flew off!

And of course every store we went to was sold out of shovels (we had one last year but for whatever reason...its gone now.) except CVS. A emergency travel one with extend-able handle. Not the most efficient, but at by the time we returned home at 8 PM all we cared about was our parking spot.

I also wanted to know if anyone had any good recommendations for sign language baby books to read to Phoenix? I loved the feedback I got the other day and looked at Waldens (200 of them are closing, so everything is on sale!) but didn't find any I loved. I found one that was a pop-up book, but looking to see what else is out there. 

I would love to hear some of your favorite titles. 

Thanks! Sorry for my random snow & Christmas shopping post, but I had an itch to post.


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  1. Well congrats on getting your shopping done. I myself am struggling to squeeze in some last minute gifts. We live in VA and trust me..your front door looks great..We had 20+ inches here. It was crazy!!!!!


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