Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday BTBW!

Today is the much anticipated birthday of the blog! 

And if I could I would invite all my lovely readers over for some delicious cupcakes from Magnolia's Bakery .

But sadly I can't (major sad face because those are some tasty, tasty, cupcakes!). But instead I'd like to thank all of my readers for your readership and comments! 

I truly enjoy writing the blog and spend most of the days thinking "Hmmm....that incident would make for interesting reading" 

Even if no one read it I'd still write (but please read it!) 

So to thank all of you I'm hosting a week long birthday party giveaway featuring some amazingly talented Etsy designers!

There will be a new giveaway each day this week and the entry for the giveaways will close on February 1st!

So please stay tuned for the next week to see all of the awesome goodies up for grabs! 

This is my first giveaway so please help me make it rock!

And again thank you all so much for your support with the blog! 

Magnolia cupcake photo courtesy of Baby's Got Style
All other photos courtesy of Party Perfect via Flickr



  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like a great week! I can't wait...

  2. This is so cute! and Happy Birthday... I have been following since birth and I am never ever disappointed...Keep up the good work, you are very talented!!

  3. Happy birthday! Wish I could taste one of those yummy cupcakes! :)


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