Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I am so glad to be home from our NYC jaunt journey. The NYC trip was supposed to bring us home Tuesday evening but things went so great that we had to extend it until late, late, Friday evening! We rolled on in at a cool 1 AM and got up bright and early to do some house hunting.

This was the longest that either Shawn or I had been away from Phoenix and it was killing us. We even thought of taking the 3-4 hour drive Wednesday to pick him up but changed our minds when we found out he had two teeth coming in which automatically reminds me of devil rashes. 

Luckily we knew he'd be in great care so we left him with my mom. It was really, really tough but like my mom pointed out this very well could be how our life is going to be for awhile. We are actually even thinking that a small move to NY  or LA (depending on where they'll record the album) might be on the horizon. Not a giant relocation, but getting an apartment or house for 3-6 months.

Shawn and I feel positively high with the possibilities this past week WILL bring us. For so long we had hoped and prayed that something like this would present itself and seemingly out of nowhere POOF! it did! 

Here are a few pictures of our trip and the showcase featuring Cody Simpson.

It was so funny to me to see 15 year old girls screaming when my husband walked on stage and asking for his autograph. Weird....

Very excited to find out Shawn's lawyer was super close to MARTHA!

Fans with posters

115 girls waiting outside 3 hours before show!

My husband posing with fans (strange!)

Me & Savannah

Cody preparing for meet & greet

Husband chatting it up with music executives (not pictured)

Cody Simpson performing for NY fans

The girls posing with UGLY DOLLS at FAO

Arianna, Julianna, and Savannah outside of The Today Show

Me with Julianna and Savannah

Me with sisters Savannah and Arianna

My poor tired husband

Stay tuned for exciting news tomorrow!



  1. Okay so I know I should know this but what does you husband do again. (i have a horrible memory)

    And what a fun exciting trip. I would love to see NYC.

    Good luck with the teething.

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  3. Feliciae- My husband is a major label music producer. Recently he's started developing artist and his first is a kid from Australia named Cody Simpson.

    Claudia- Thanks so much! I'll check it out!


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