Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To P or Not to P.

I have a very thought provoking question to pose to all you seasoned Momma's out there.

Phoenix and I are getting ready to enter the wonderful world of potty training. He's already gotten in his head that poop is "eww" and "yuck" and "stinky"

He loves reading potty books. His favorite is Once Upon A Potty and I will admit sometimes after reading 10 times in a row I'll hide it.

And thanks to his loving Da he already knows where his "P" (what he calls it) is.

Which leads me into my question...

When is it or is it appropriate to teach an 18 month old that he has a penis? When he says "P" he's trying to say Phoenix. Shawn has been teaching him that he has a penis since before Christmas and now Phoenix grabs his "area" and says "P! P!"

I've been having this debate with my husband and my mom for the last couple months. For me I find it highly uncomfortable to say or hear the V or P words.... I know what am I like 12? But for some reason it just makes me uncomfortable.

So I would prefer to refer (hahaha) to those areas as either "your private area" or even continue with calling it his "p"  

So I'm curious to know if I sound like a crazy prude who needs to grow up or what?

(disclaimer. if you think my title post is lame. thank my husband. i got stuck and that was his idea. he also like "let it rain" see why he doesn't blog?)

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  1. I think there is a stigma that comes with the words p and v and because of this a lot of people are shocked when hearing them. For so long growing up we are taught they are 'bad' or not to be discussed. At least in our generation. We are slowly coming out of this in the current generations.

    But is it wrong to call it something else at such and early age? I would say no. Just as long as he doesn't feel 'bad' about it.

    Wee-wee or pee pee maybe. My husband says call it Bill..but I wouldn't put to much stock into anything he says. Oh and he likes the let it rain title too. Men!

  2. I'm a nurse and I have used proper anatomical terms with my kids all their lives. I wouldn't tell them to call their eye or their hair something else, so why other body parts? I have actually talked to grown adults (as patients) that have nicknames for their private parts and I've had no idea what they were talking about. So yes, I think you should tell the kid he has a penis. If you aren't ready to tell him about girl parts and he asks you if you have a penis (which he eventually will) you simply say, no, girls don't have penis', we have different parts.


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