Thursday, January 28, 2010

Potty Training Success Story 1

Yesterday I posted about how our household was getting ready to enter that magically wonderful (and probably frustrating) time of potty training.

I've been dancing around the idea now for about a month and decided to wait until Shawn finished up the Cody Simpson sessions here at the house, but then we of course took the week long trip to NYC and then there was an {almost} week long trip to LA that Shawn went on that had Phoenix and I staying up on the mountain.

So I have been pushing it off and pushing it off until Phoenix would say to me "Hey Ma! I need to pee!" and then we would swap out the diaper with cute underpants from Gymboree and that would be that.

But hello, doesn't happen that way....or does it?

Yesterday Shawn decided we would let him walk around naked and just pull out the pot to see what would happened.

After a few accidents (including a number 2 in the kitchen) Phoenix actually peed on the pot! We were positively ecstatic! 

And then in case we thought it was a fluke he did it again this morning. We had a cute photo of him posed with this mornings pee but my dumb camera didn't capture the picture.

We only had one actual pee in the pot today, but I'm very optimistic for the future.

I have a few tips to pass along to any other mom's in this phase from MY MOM who potty trained all of us in less then a week. I'll get that up for you Monday!

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And I named this post the way I did because I have my fingers crossed I will have a lot more success stories to tell.


  1. that is awesome. I have been wanting to start with Little Man. He is also 18 months. I think I may try letting him go naked and we will see what goes on. Cannot wait for the tips on Monday.

  2. hahaha so cute! good job!!

    I'm following you from MBC! If you get a chance, please stop by my blog :)

    Jenny :)

  3. Im following you from MBC.

    We are going through this right now too!


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