Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Dresses

What's a girl to do when there's 30 plus inches of snow on the ground and re-runs on TV? Dream of spring...the shopping way...

Fashion has always, always, been my first love. Those single days sent me to the bank every Friday and the mall every Saturday to blow EVERY single penny in my account (and sometimes more. Those damn over draft fees). I once long ago had a blog semi-dedicated to my love of shoes and clothes.

I've been looking for away to incorporate more fashion dedicated posting in my blog. I love some of the other bloggers that do outfit post. I'd like to try and do that and maybe start posting some of my favorite finds. Also thinking of doing a kids clothing post, because besides dressing myself dressing a kid is a lot of fun. And I want debunk the myth of not being able to be creative and fun with boy clothing. What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing shopping & fashion post?

Today I pursued one of my favorite websites Mod Cloth. I love everything this store has because I love vintage style and contrasting patterns. I mean I REALLY love contrasting patterns! When I start to do outfit post you'll see it. On me, Phoenix, Shawn and the dog (well if we had one).

Today I picked 6 of my favorite dresses from Mod Cloth for spring. 

Dresses are my favorite thing to wear any season. I prefer them to jeans anytime. Even though I'm a mom I haven't sacrificed my love of dresses. It just means that instead of bending over to pick up the rogue paci you gracefully squat down. Takes practice. 

And instead of heels I pair them with ballet flat, sandals (flat & wedges), boots (flat and wedge) in the winter. Side note: I've found wedges are a great alternative to heels because they give you the height (which I need) and sexiness without causing you to topple over. 

(out of stock right now, but Mod Cloth has an option that will email you when it's back in stock)

These mock 2 piece dresses are my favorite! I own 3 already!

Long Island Dress $52.99 
(another out of stock option but fingers crossed it comes back)

Hopefully you enjoyed some of my {potential} buys for spring. Sadly this fashion post comes on the heels of the passing of a fantastic designer Alexander McQueen

P.S. Sorry for all the font changing. When I revamped my blog the font went wonky and I'm trying to get it right. It seems "normal" is to big and "small" is to well...small. I guess I'll ask you. What font do you prefer to see here?

Big. Fat Googly sized font like this right here?

Or small dainty font like this one?


  1. omg I love all of these!!!! i think I have featured some great shoes on mine that would match too!! And the prices aren't so bad either.

    How is their online customer service if its the wrong size or whatever how do they handle it.

  2. I've actually never had a problem with anything I've ordered from there. Knock on wood.


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