Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rip roaring winter boredom

How are you North Easterners doing with the snow? We're dying over here of pure boredom and sleeping on the couch (I'll explain in a minute). 

The snow finally died down yesterday evening but all night long we experience rip-roaring winds that sent the snow flying everywhere creating 10 FT snow drifts here in Frederick County. 

While watching the news (Which was on all day. And they interrupted my All My Children & General Hospital for it.) they start running stories about peoples roofs collapsing.

So what does my husband say at 11 as we climb in bed? "I think we should sleep down stairs...ya case the roof caves in"

It's not like we live in house thats 30 plus years old with a decaying roof! It was built in 2006! I think we'll be fine.

But these death daggers is what sent him over the edge.

This is also the same man who has explained to me how I need to get in the refrigerator if there's ever a chemical weapons attack. 

::shakes head at my paranoid husband::

The sun finally came out today (and it was pretty warm I might add) but there was NO slow plow in sight so our over zealous neighbors dug out the entire cul-de-sac. Shawn and I just managed to dig out our steps and then we went in.

Yes we are using a boot leg plastic shovel. 
Never "upgraded" after this emergency purchase in December following our first blizzard. 

I am so ready to "wash" myself of winter and bring in spring!


1 comment:

  1. wow at the snow. Thank God we didn't or at least haven't gotten that much snow yet.

    And to funny about your husband because I can so see mine doing that.

    Love the pics!


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