Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Mourning

Edit: Just stumbled on a new flash sale website. Check it out.

I'm wondering if there was anyone else out there who reads my blog who was poised and ready to spend a buck on fantastic clothing this morning? 

You'll remember that last week I introduced you to my favorite Flash Sale websites. The best one being The OutNet who in celebration of their one year anniversary was offering their shoppers Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim and best of all Christian Louboutin's for one dollar. The only catch was you could only only purchase one thing and the start of the sale was a secret until the moment it started.

When I heard about the sale I immediately determined I would not sleep at all and would stay up and constantly check my email to be ready to go. But in the excitement of my husband coming home and being able to catch up on 4 episodes of Lost (I think I've figured it out by the way) I completely forgot about the sale until about midnight. I popped open my laptop and logged on to Gmail, put my phone on vibrate and kept my phone and credit card in my hand waiting for the buzz of the phone alerting me to new email. 

(Unbeknownst to me my husband snapped a picture of me when he came back to the room. Of course the bright like sun flash woke me up.)

So there I am laying in bed in my cute polka dot jammies dreaming and hoping and praying that this sale wasn't a farce and that all the rumors we're true.

I think I got up once an hour to check my email. Finally at 7:45 AM I popped up checked my email and saw that it had started. With shaking legs and blurry vision I rolled onto the floor pulled my laptop up and logged on.

It was there and then  at 7:48 AM that all my hopes and dreams we're shattered like a light bulb when I begin to pursue the page only to find big huge pink circles that spelled out those horrific words....Sold Out.

I was positively bummed out and couldn't believe my bad luck. 

But like I said on Twitter "We'll always have full price Christians, Phillip Lims & Stella. Time to pick myself up & get to My Gym "cwass" on time. #outnet :-("

Is there anyone out there that was luck enough to score anything or are we all mourning and sitting Shiva today?


  1. I was redy at 7.30 and there was ni llink to the alleged £1 sale - I bought bag - but at full price, It was farce and a com - a load of nonsense. Their website is sorely lacking in capacity

  2. Just checked my spelling - crap!!!!!

  3. LOL. When I was reading the comments I thought it was spam. But don't worry typo's happen to the best of us. If I could give you a penny for every typo on my blog you'd be super duper rich!

  4. oh my gosh!! That sounds like a great site...I'm up all hours with the baby already!! I betcha the sale would start as soon as he falls asleep and so do I. That would be my luck :O)

    Take care,


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