Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspire Me-Vintage Love

Every few months I fall in love with something and I get crazy addicted/obsessed with it. It could be a an author, television show, food, website, or style. Whatever it is I crave it 24/7.

Thanks to this fantastic jacket that Maegan posted a few weeks ago I got crazy addicted to stalking Ebay & Etsy for fantasic & quirky vintage finds.

Vintage is inspiring me right now. Plus it seems I'm not the only one!

Actually bought this, but this size 6 won't button across my ENORMOUS breastasis so I'll have to wear a tank underneath it and keep it open or convince my husband to let me have another breast reduction. 

I picked this little number up as well and I love it sooooooo much! I can't wait to wear it.

Blue & White Striped Dress from Penniless Kid Vintage
I ordered this as well and it's a bit big on me and kind of over takes my small almost 5 foot frame. I'm going to have it taken in a bit and shortened just above the knee and I think it'll be great.

Vintage Sears Hawaiian Dress from Mr. Idaho's Vintage
         Call me crazy or colorblind or fashion disaster, but I kind of love this dress and kind of thinking of ordering it.

Pink Penelope Dress from Myrtle Dove Love

Plaid tunic top from Urban Replay

So there you go. This is what's inspiring me lately.

How about you?

We've got our third My Gym class at 10 so I better get moving. The first time Phoenix didn't do any listening to Mr. Patrick. But luckily he didn't say b-shit. Monday he listened but cried and was clingy during circle time, so here's to hoping no more tears, but most of all NO FOUR LETTER WORDS PUH-LEAZE!!!


  1. Hey Alex! I love vintage too! I love going through ukay-ukay stores (that's what we call vintage shops over here) and unearthing precious finds. I even put up an online shop selling vintage stuff last year; got too busy to maintain it though so I still have a whole caboodle of vintage in my closet :)

  2. I love the last shirt the best!

  3. I love those clothes...especially the Hawaiian dress!

    Take care,


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