Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby's First Snow!

It's 7:50 AM here and I've been up since 3 AM! Phoenix slept most of the night and I struggled with going to sleep so at 4 decided to get up and get some work done that I didn't do yesterday. Me & The Husband are sick and decided to take a nap yesterday for a few hours and I hardly did any work. Phoenix has a slight cold as well and I feel so bad for him! His little voice sounds all raspy. Anywho I decided to get up at 4 and then Phoenix decided he wanted to snuggle and woke up and nursed and has been napping with me on the couch since 4 AM.

Yesterday we FINALLY got some real snow. Phoenix was at his Yaya's house during the day so I missed getting him pictures while it was falling so here is our lame attempt at trying to catch pictures with him and the snow.

Notice his totally uninterested face. He does this face a lot in pictures...hmm....

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