Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Party Bags

So want to know how to make the awesome goodie bags from Phoenix's party? Just follow these simple instructions to give your guests a one of kind goody from your birthday kid

What you need:

  • Canvas Tote Bags
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paper bowls
  • Thank you note tags
  • Ribbon
  • Clothing line and clothes pins
  • Willing one year old
  • Backyard to make a mess
  • 3 aunts

Take your one year old (or almost one year old) outside. Pour the fabric paint into paper bowls. Employ one of the aunts to hold the bags in front of your child, one of the aunts to bring the paint bowls to the baby, and the other aunt (preferably the tallest) to take the completed bags and hang them up on the clothing line.

Place baby in your lap and take his little arm and place his hand into the paint and drag it across the canvas bag.

When your done get the tallest aunt to hang them on the tree....

Then explain to your nosy neighbor what the bags are for. Try not to judge much when she says her and her 8 1/2 month pregnant daughter smoke.

While bags are drying carry your paint covered baby into the house and bath him.

Once they are dry fill them with whatever you like.

We had three different types. One was a regular/family goody bag with Curious George soundtrack and 3 Curious George Audio books, Curious George coloring books, crayons, Curious George gummy bears and candy. The other bag was a baby bag filled with baby goodies (Gerber "baby" fruit roll ups and organic teething biscuits), monkey snack container, monkey plate and baby spoon. The other bags were for the party guest that did not have kids. There bag was filles with almonds, Cheez-its, Chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn and cookies!

The bags were a great hit! They took a lot more work then I expected. Phoenix wanted a break like every 2 bags and there were 50 bags! But I'm so proud of how they turned out!

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