Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guilty as charged!

I think I have posted a few times about some fights difference of opinion conversations Shawn and I have had. Ones that ruin perfectly delicious mushroom & swiss turkey burgers.m

If you break down our "differences" and pull away all of the nasty stuff people say in fights and get to the root issue you will see that on my side it's a disagreement about him not being able to set boundaries with work and on his side it's that I act like I'm superior then him.

So I was watching The Today show last Monday and they were discussing a new book about being a superior wife.
I'm sure just by the title of that you can figure out what it's about.

I can honestly say that I am very guilty of that "I can do it better then you" attitude. Just yesterday morning I said to him this was my last week cleaning the house and he needed to hire me a housekeeper. His response was "Well give me some chores." my response "I don't like how you clean" The same goes for the cooking, or the diaper changing, or the dressing, or the laundry, or the scheduling of appointments, paying bills, yeah scratch that. Ha!

I just think that I simply do it all better.And maybe I do. I think even Shawn can admit that I'm a little better at the cleaning, cooking, and other household stuff. But that doesn't mean I can't relinquish some of that control and let him try right? How will he ever learn to do it the way I want or better yet, why can't I embrace his ways?

But on the other side of being a superior wife are husbands who enjoy handing over the "control"to their wives. And I personally think my husband falls into that category. It makes life very easy for him to walk into a room and say "Have you see my w..." and before he even gets the words out I've handed him the missing wallet, keys, and the check to deposit that he accidentally threw in the trash. 
He doesn't need to worry about getting Phoenix ready for church on Sunday and getting dinner on the table while folding laundry.

I'm seriously considering ordering the book because I've tried for the last year and a half to change. We've been living together (married almost a year) for 3 years but it's only recent that I can agree I am a bit anal, controlling, and superior acting.

Are YOU guilty of being a superior wife? 



  1. guilty as charged! :) stopping by from sits!

  2. You know, I've never really thought of myself as acting superior, but that's really interesting food for thought. I know for SURE that I can be anal and controlling though, haha! When it comes to my house, I am anyway. Perfectionist+controller+having no energy+toddler=utter chaos!! :o)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and following!!

  3. Yes, I am guilty of that! Is that so bad?

  4. I was guilty. ok still am sometimes. The change didn't come easy either. It took three kids and him losing his job. He is now learning to cook - admitted by both of us I am better at it, but he is trying. He wants to contribute and I am willing to let him, even if the laundry isn't folded as neatly as I like.

  5. guilty. i get called out all the time.

  6. I guess when I try to show him the "proper" way to load the dishwasher or the "right" way to fold the towels, it means I'm being superior? Ouch! I know it's true, and I need to work on it, but after 13 years it's been said/done so many times. Follwed you here form MBC. Please come visit me at http://www.butsuchislife.com

  7. I'm more like a superior husband. LOL. Luckily I married a man who likes doing laundry :)

  8. hey, just found you from MBC and I have to say that i'm very much with you...but can also say that because I am working full time and he's now home full time. I did hand it over to him. And now it all just sits. The cleaning....all the stuff is taken from the kitchen and living room and dumped into other rooms (to the point that we had to unbury the dining room at one point), the laundry it piled 10 miles high, and the dishes...yeah I try to make sur they don't get gross and nag for them to be done at least once a week by him. I still do most of the cooking and shopping and all of the bill paying. He halfheartedly plays with our 1 year old and plays facebook games! I know this is sort of the other extreme but just the point that yes we can take on too much sometimes but sometimes it really doesn't get done if we don't!


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