Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More house stuff

You know from a previous post I'm in the process of re-decorating my house. From a blog a read a came across a beautiful shower curtain from Anthropologie.

Did you click on the link? Isn't it beautiful. But I can't wrap my head around $120 for a shower curtain! Plus my shower curtain has glass doors anyhow. But after seeing it I was like "That would be lovely and romantic curtain for my bedroom"

Flash forward to a blog/children's decor blog I read Ohdeedoh and they had me looking at some cute rugs from Urban Outfitters.

Which I then landed on a similar curtain to the Anthropologie one I want. But at a much better price.

I had no idea Urban Outfitters did home decor stuff. So this is my new favorite place and the following are a few pieces I plan on ordering.

Ruffle Curtain (for Master bedroom)

Owl Door Knocker

Bird Cage Hook

Owl Rug


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