Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toy Overload

I'm that mom that every time I go shopping I have to come out with something for the Monkey. Doesn't matter what store, what I'm in there for,or what kind of budget I'm working on. I must leave the store with something for my guy. I was this way as a single- blow- every- single- penny- of- her- paycheck- girl. I never left a store without a bag.
Now that I'm a mom my focus is never leaving without something for Phoenix. And even Shawn at times. But sometimes stuff for Shawn is usually (Oh my goodness! Phoenix is playing on his baby grand piano and the singing lady said "Seven!" and he said "Seven"!) a  distraction, er, uh I mean, "gift" "hey look I got you a shirt....ignore all those other bags"

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don't you should) then you'll remember that last week we lost Curious George In Pajamas.
We're in Babies R Us shopping and Phoenix kept tossing out stuff. It wasn't until we get to the car that I realized George was gone.I went back in and search for like an hour and could not find him! I was so upset! Later that weekend Shawn and I went to Toys R Us to see if we could find the same one (we couldn't so I'll order it from Amazon). But going into TRU I told Shawn I felt like a kid again!I get the same rush going in to toy stores like I did when I was 7!  All those toys, colors, noises! It's amazing!
If I don't get Phoenix any clothes then I get him some type of toy. That honestly he hardly touches. He's more interested in the stick we use to keep the patio door locked or the box the grill came in, the rolling pin. And on rare occasions the paint sample for his room!
Here are some pictures from his dining room converted toy room. Does he look like he needs anymore toys?

Books, Puzzles, Ride on Horse. What else does he need?
 Music Center. He loves this stuff!

Monkey Pit. (we need more balls!)

More transportation then your average 13 month old

Clothing & shoes is another problem too! It's so bad that sometimes he only gets to wear something once, maybe twice because by the time we get back around to it he's outgrown it!
Man, if he was a girl......My husband would really be mad at me.



  1. ha ha -I love it! That monkey pit looks like SO MUCH FUN!

  2. My daughters' playroom looks the same... if not worse. I can't pass up the toys either, especially if I can get a bargain.

    Plus, 2 girls. Yeah, the clothes are seeping out of drawers and closets EVERYWHERE.

    Cute blog! Following you from MBC...


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