Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleep as a favorite

Last week I told you about one of my favorite things about being a new mom


Today ladies & ladies we'll talk about another favorite of mine during that first year.


For some of you, you may think "Wha? Who sleeps the first year?"

And your right for the most part that is the case.

But then there are those times you get that free pass.

"Sleep when the baby sleeps.........Sleep when the baby sleeps....."

What is more glorious then being able to take a nap smack in the middle of the day and not feel guilty about it?

I love sleep. I hate mornings, I hate waking up. I even have a 30 minute rule that Shawn can't talk about exciting things or important things while I'm still waking or I get really pissed.

I love sleep.

I love taking naps, I love conking out in the middle of an afternoon rerun.

So as a new mom being able to actually schedule in "mommy naps" was one of my favorite things.

I looked forward to being able to fall back asleep even just for 30 minutes at 10 in the morning.

Now that Phoenix is bigger this is hardly possible.

When he does take naps this is my time to catch up on breakfast dishes, or work emails, laundry folding, or blog work.

Every blue moon I'll find myself passing out during All My Children only to be right at the cusp of delicious sleep to hear him go "Ma! Ma!"

Did you have any favorite things about being a new mommy?




  1. I loved nursing, and still do. My youngest is 15 months and I still nurse. I also liked the "firsts"...that first smile, giggle, word.
    The naps were definitely good too. Unfortunately, that only works with the first one! :)

  2. I had a tough battle with sleep when my son was an infant. He was so colicy that sleep was for a few hours at best. And I never could nap during the day because HE didn't really ever nap.

    I'm with you on loving sleep thought :)

    Thenew mommy thing I love the best was bath time. So sweet.


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