Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vertigo Sleep

Pink Nothings (the blog I was featured on) blogged last week about her little guy falling asleep all on his own on the floor.

Now call me crazy, but I have anxiously been awaiting the day Phoenix decided to play in his ball pit and just conk out.


Eat lunch and fall asleep in the high-chair.

Why might you ask do I have such a desire? 

Because this is the best kind of sleep.

Being the oldest of 8 I have always been around kids and because there were so many of us people always assumed my mom wouldn't mind having extra

(FYI: Not always the case. Especially when the extra kids are bad ass)

Anyway all the kids I've ever been around have always seem to sleep well when they fall asleep in unconventional places and at unconventional times.

So to recap. They sleep well and they look so cute. 

Even me! I love when I fall asleep, ok this NEVER happens anymore. I'm a mom! .....when I used to fall asleep like this!

It would be 4 PM and I'd wake up at 9 PM not really understanding what was going on (kind of like a vertigo day) but I would be so rested and I could still fall asleep that night.

Except for two occassions....

Once home from work on Friday (I got off at 12 on Friday's) I fall asleep at like 4 PM wake at 8 PM and freak out because I thought I had missed going to work.

So I ran in my parents room screaming "Why didn't you wake me?!" and calling for my brother (who worked near me so we "carpooled") and everyone is like "Alex what the heck is wrong with you? It's 8 PM!"

And so I nodded and went back to bed.


The other time (which I think was the following Friday after the first incident) I woke up screaming and jumping on my bed because I thought there was a dead pterodactyl on my bed....

So maybe I don't want Phoenix to fall asleep this way.




  1. Cute baby!!!! I love that story! my kids would always fall asleep in their high chairs or on the couch playing with toys. How I miss those days! Sigh!
    Here to follow you thru MBC!!! Would love to have you visit and follow too!

  2. I agree those unconventional places to tend to make them much more agreeable when they wake. Miss Monk once fell asleep in her Jumparooo...literaly jumped her self to sleep.It was great!


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