Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag- Day 5


I received an engraved purse mirror as a bridal party gift one year and really loved it. I've since misplaced it and this etched purse mirror from Red Envelope ($29.95) would be a great replacement. I also love this gift for a tween who's just reaching the age of purse carrying and the whole makeup game.


One of my favorite design bloggers High-Heeled Foot in the Door did a giveaway with these plates last week and I love them.  The above design is my favorite because it's called the "Greek Plate" representing (a bit) of my heritage. These plates could be cool for newlyweds (monogrammed) or a new homeowner. Maybe even a hostess gift?? These plates from La Plates come in tons of styles ($22)


I like these personalized growth charts for kids from Red Envelope ($34.99) a cute addition to any kids room.


Phoenix has suddenly taken a huge, huge, interest in books which thrills me to pieces because I love to read. I think he'd get a huge kick out of a book using his name like these also from Red Envelope ($39.95). They have both a fairy tale book and animal book for the boys.


I have nothing with that WOW factor for the guys today. Finding great personalized (but non-cheesy) gifts was very hard today. 

I found these cuff links (again from Red Envelope) that I thought were nice and would be a good gift for Dad or Brother.

I also liked these double personalized cuff links with the pictures inside.My husband said no man would wear them, but I don't see the huge deal. No one would actually know they had pictures in them.

Do you have any WOW ideas for guys that are personalized?



  1. Cute stuff! I love the growth charts and the fairy tale book.

    For guys, I just saw this morning on GMA a puzzle that is a satellite image of your neighborhood with your house in the center. That is if he likes puzzles.

  2. I love that compact, so delectable!

    When it comes to shopping for guys I always cop out and buy them stuff they need (socks, cuff links, ties, what not). Andrew, my fiance, is really the only guy I can shop for, because I know everything he (and I) want can be found on and we talk about upgrading our computers and the latest gadgets all the time.


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