Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Snazzy Red Bag- Day 7

Besides Gap I also have a love affair with Etsy. Beautiful handmade and vintage finds for everyone! I love, love Etsy.

I love the idea of giving handmade gifts for Christmas, but don't exactly have the time or experience to really make a knock out handmade/etsy worthy gift.

Here are my absolute favorite Etsy gifts for Christmas!

I love this beautiful ribbon flower ($9) that can worn as a brooch or hair clip. 
calexandra is the Etsy seller of this beauty.


How fantastic are these kitchen series ($10) prints from vol25? I recently saw this seller featured on a blog (but sorry can't remember which) and I like this one for my bedroom. But I think these kitchen series ones would be a great gift for that cook you know. And P.S. If you're stuck on a gift for your favorite blogger (hehehehe) this would be PERFECTION.

If I had a little girl I would put her in these booties ($15.99) from Lilcubby everyday! I think they are super adorable and want a pair for me! 

I was able to get Phoenix a monkey pair to wear at his monkey themed birthday party in August. And I have been in love with these ever since.

Phoenix (like most 16 month olds) really enjoys playing throwing and rolling balls. 

And a bowling set ($21) just happens to be on his Christmas list.

I like this one because there's a bonus present involved is the Etsy seller Little Sapling Toys plants a tree for every toy purchased. Christmas present for Mother Nature!

Do you have a pirate loving checker playing guy in your life?

 How fun is this checker set ($150) by goosegrease?

Shawn rotates between 2 favorite belts. Like a comfortable sweater.

I think he'd really love these belt buckles ($38) from flight path designs


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