Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York...Where dreams are made of.

New York City and all it's walking and cold weather makes a bloggers job tough.

For the second day in a row I'm just logging on to the internets at 11:00p.

Things are going super, super fantastic here.

If you are new to the blog the quick story that has landed me in NYC can be found here (OMG there is literally someone LEANING on the horn outside our hotel! Shut up!)
and here and yet again here.

Shawn has been taking about 3 or 4 meetings a day and I have brought my sisters along to see NYC and to also be apart of the showcase that took place today.

Showcase- A "mini" concert performed by a new artist for record labels.

This showcase also featured about 80 screaming 15 year old girls "OMG! He spoke to me" it takes me back to NYsnc phase. Oy vey!

At this time I actually have no idea when I'll be home to stay. Shawn has follow-up meetings (excellent news) tomorrow and Thursday. But I also have to get the girls back for school and Shawn needs to be in LA Tuesday PLUS our Monkey Baby is at his Ya's so not sure when I'll be back or when I can delve back into awesome blog post, but rest assured I do have something pretty exciting up my sleeve so I hope you'll stick around.

Thanks and welcome to all the new followers! I appreciate it much!


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