Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homeless for LA

I mentioned last week that our landlord decided to sell and to entice us to get out earlier he's giving us February free - Contingent upon us being out by March 10th.

At first this was something that was doable. I like change so the prospect of a new house (especially one with an inground pool!) is a great challenge for me. Saturday we went on a whirl-wind house tour.

But then Sunday we started discussing the whole Cody Simpson thing and how when the deal is complete Shawn will need to be either in NY or LA to oversee the project.

We both realized that the project could start within the next 2 months and it would be really silly for us to sign a new lease. 

When the project starts Shawn could be away for 3-6 months. Neither of us want to be away from each other or "commute" for that long so we've decided that which ever state they put us in we'd all go.

But the thing is it would be stupid to get a place here in MD and keep paying on it while we live somewhere else. So we've decided that for the first month we'll stay with my parents (and spend save money) and then if it seems that the project is going to be pushed off 3 or more months find a simple apartment that will let us sign a short term lease and go there.

Here's a bullet point list of how I feel about the whole thing.

  • It's going to be really weird living at home again. But at least it's not because we're admitting "financial defeat"
  • It's going to be weird not having a place to call our own.
  • Will I have some place thats mine to decorate for Christmas? A silly thing I know.
  • This could only work if the label pays for our housing in the new city (which we kind of think they will) and we manage to put away enough "living" money the next few weeks.
  • Do I drive ALL our stuff to the new place or put it in storage and ask for a corporate/furnished housing?
  • What about my new aspirations to be like super home decorator and build beds and tables like Knock off Wood ?
  • We had just talked about trying to have another baby this coming fall. Does this change our plans if we're still gone?
  • Do I change doctors? Do I transfer all our mail?
  • Where will Phoenix have his birthday?
  • It's just going to be strange!
  • ....But what an awesome opportunity!

Wednesday I was under the impression that we'd stay until 4/31 at our current place and that we'd stay with my family in May and that the label would be ready to start the album come June. 

BUT I found out the incentive/contingency to get out early which takes about 30 days for our plan BUT then Shawn called me from LA (in town to finish deal details) and told me that more then likely they'll be starting April.

Which again is good news, but still make me nervous because it seems to be happening so fast. I'm really excited about everything, but really scared!

I know that we need to sacrifice some things in order to get what I/We really want, but STILL If we weren't parents I think this whole thing would be a lot easier to swallow, but how will this affect Phoenix? 

Obviosuly all of of this could change and we might not go anywhere and come April we'll just start house hunting again or maybe I can convince the label that Frederick is the hip new place to lay down some hot tunes ??? Yeah I guess I better start looking for My Gym's in LA.

I guess technically we won't be homeless. But we will be HOMEless. We won't have something that is uniquely ours (as much as a rental can be).

However, I guess the saying "Home is where the heart is" is true in this case.


  1. Stopping by as a SITSsta, I was curious as to who was the SITS bookend today. Change is scary, but I wish you all the best in your changing times.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Judy! I do love change though, so as nerve racking of a time this is it's also really exciting.

  3. Change can be hard but can also be the best thing that's ever happened to us. Hope all works out for the best for you! All the best in your decision making.

  4. Great that you have that option available, but I am sure it will be a big adjustment for all of you.

    Hope it works out.


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