Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashion Roulette- Mom

Have you checked out the giveaway this week? Go enter! If your a mom or married (and certainly if your both) you NEED THIS BOOK.

 I know this month it has been a lot of giveaways, don't worry I'm not going to turn into one of those blogs  that only does a bunch of reviews and stuff. This is still a blog run by a mom and for the moms (or whomever). LOL.

Ok so I really want to start doing outfit/fashion related post more often. I did this one last week and today will kick off another feature Fashion Roulette featuring some of favorite outfits for both me AND Phoenix (and maybe throw Dad in there every once in awhile)! I want to debunk both of those myths that 1. Say once you pop that kid out of you your destined to a life of mom jeans and clogs and 2. That its not fun dressing a boy. So not true! You just have to be creative!

What I'm wearing:

Button down flannel plaid shirt from (Target)
Long boyfriend style tshirt with white tank underneath (to help conceal the twins) (Charlotte Russe)
Boot cut jeans (Old Navy-Sweetheart cut) 
Flat suede boots
Big flower headband (H&M)

Let's pay nooooo attention to the straggling wires. Ya know we're moving and all.

Here is my new hair color. You likey?

Want to put together a similar outfit?

Ditsy Floral headband (Forever21) and yes I love this print with the print of the shirt. I can't express how much I love mixing patterns and prints!

Hope you liked it! I promise some post will be more exciting then this. Maybe not all the time. But every once in awhile I put on a bit more "ritz" then normal. Usually Friday night date night.

But hopefully it'll inspire you to do what I love the most and what my husband hates...SHOP MORE!


  1. That headband is super cute!!!

    p.s thank you entering!

  2. Great blog - I've given it an award! You can get it and the details here:

  3. Hi there! Thanks for joining the Blog Hop. I'm following you now. Love your blog. I'll be back later to read more.

    Happy Follow Friday!



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