Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terrible Two Tantrums: Take 1

This morning I woke up to a smiling, beautiful, happy and intelligent 18 mth. An adorable little lad who answers my question of "How are you doing?" with a "Gooooood" and we happily bounce downstairs to grab some "juuuuus" and breakfast. 

While I'm getting the juice he opens the fridge and decides he wants sour cream for breakfast. Yes, you heard me right he pulled the sour cream out and while tapping the container said "Eat! Eat! Eat!"

Ma: No baby thats yucky, here drink your juice. 

Phoenix: EAT! EAT! No! Eat!

Ma: Phoenix mommy said no. Want a waffle?

Phoenix: No! No way! Noooaaaahhhh!

Ma: Phoenix want a cookie (yeah so I'll give my kid an oreo at 8 am. don't you?)

Phoenix: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Ma: Phoenix tell mommy want you want. Want some pears? Here go sit at your table.

At this point he is screaming bloody murder (I had managed to sneak the sour cream away) and throwing himself on the floor.

I manage to get him over to his table where he put his hands on his nose and just stands there. 

Some how he snapped out of it and I managed to get him in front of Oso with a juice box, 2 oreos, a waffle and pears. Balanced breakfast huh?

After he was calm and thanking me for getting him breakfast I sat and watched this sweet sweet boy and realized that we had just opened Pandora's box....and inside was the terrible, terrible, twos. 

I'm scared.....

But this wasn't even the beginning of what ended up being probably the most embarrassing afternoon of my mom life (minus the time my Dad exposed my after-birth photos)

Here is just a tiny sneak peak of what I dealt with this afternoon.

The full story and audio and video-Oh yes you heard me. I video taped my kids tantrum today- to follow tomorrow.

P.S. Check out the giveaway. I'm sure crunched up cheerios and apple juice stains are prevalent at your abode just like mine.


  1. Oh, that seems about right for breakfast. You should have let him dip the oreos in the sour cream. (Hey, sour cream is healthy, isn't it??)
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Oh my...I also have an 18 month old..I know your pain! lol. However, she is my 4th, 18 month old and in a mom's wisdom I can tell you that sometimes giving an Oreo is nothing to be ashamed of! LOL. You know, I'd be much harder on my little one if she didn't bang her head when she was mad. She doesn't do it often...but it can get ugly. Oh well...if I get real firm she immediately takes the same submission pose as my dog and quiets down. The scary mommy look does the trick!

  3. Oh my...sounds distinctly familiar, LOL! And yes, my children have dined on Oreos at 8 a.m. :)

  4. wow! The terrible twos! I went through it 3 times and survived! I know that you will also! Remember that he reacts off of your reaction so try to stay as calm and cool as you can. You handled the breakfast fiasco very well! And show me a kid who hasn't had oreos or the like for breakfast and I'll shake their hand! Good luck with the terrible 2's, 3's, 4's etc. They do eventually come back...in their 20's!


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